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TG Ventures exists to fill the void of qualified lead investors for the seed round. 

TG leads seed rounds by contributing up to 20% of the round goal and leveraging its extensive investor network to ensure easy follow-on investment of up to an additional 60% of the funding goal. With the goal of raising the remainder through non-dilutive finnacing options.

INNOVATION…  the quest of know-how

Beyond technical success,

most technology startups fail... WHY ?

  • Misalignment of product with market needs

  • Product complexity and cost

  • Inexperienced management team

  • The many challenges involved in turning a technical project into a viable company

  • Inability to seize the right opportunities

  • Challenges involved in raising appropriate financing


  • The limited support system seldomly brings entrepreneurs to venture capital firms.

  • Most VC funds target “proven” ideas (Series A and B) meaning startups in the seed stage have limited financing options.

  • There is a disconnect between the need for strategic/monetary support and the resources available to startups such as professionals, incubators, etc.


  • TG Ventures boasts strong fundamentals in the realm of seed funding

  • Extensive experience in managing technology companies, from conception to exit, by managing the growth aspect

  • In-depth market knowledge 

  • Speed and accuracy of execution, from due diligence all the way to supporting the exit process.

  • Constant and close mentorship 

An unrivalled collection of experience in operational management and product growth for technology companies.






  • We invest and support Canadian Startups at the Pre-Seed and Seed Stage

  • Our investments will be disbursed based on achieving specific milestones, as per our “ Invest As We Go ” strategy (next page)

  • We will mostly obtain EQUITY stakes in the Startups we invest in. Our investments will be based not only on an evaluation of the current valuation but also on the potential of the opportunity as well as our ability to help  take it to fruition.

Our approach is optimized and personal

  • Strategic Mentorship

  • Milestones definition and validation

  • Funding triggered by milestones

  • Openness of our Vast Network of contacts

  • Periodic and frequent meetings between the Startups and the GPs that go beyond board meetings

PASS/FAIL Criterias

▪    Is it a technology-based Startup?

▪    Does it address a real PROBLEM/ISSUE?

▪    Presence of a Business and Client acquisition plan

▪    Is the Startup in an Ethical field

▪    High Growth Potential

  • Entrepreneurs must be Leaders that recognize and understand their target market

  • Team with experience, technical knowledge and advisors

  • Partners and Clients are identified/interested

Financial Criteria:

  1. Minimum Investment: $50,000

  2. Closing (LOI Signed): XXXXXXX

  3. First Close: Minimum $500K (up to $2M)

  4. Investment timeframe with Startups: XXXXX

  5. Structure: Units will be issued based on a pro-rata of invested capital into the fund

  6. Payouts will be made on each specific exit.

The Equity counterpart of our investment is determined by:

  • Our valuation models and experience​

    • Minority participations

  • High Growth potential 

  • High NPV of cashflows

Our experience and expertise will bring support in the following fields:

  • Financial Planning

  • Business Architecture

  • Logic Flow

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Market and Competition Research

  • Go to market Strategy

  • Intellectual Property Strategy

The personal implication of our GPs alongside our Startups:

  • Regular strategic discussions

  • Personalised Mentorship: Finances, Go2Market, Product development

  • Milestone definition and active collaboration to reach success

  • Financial needs monitoring

  • Business negotiations (key resources, partners and suppliers)

Resources from the TG Ventures ecosystem is available as a supplement. We guide Startups toward the best external resources (including, without exclusivity, TG Consulting)

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