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From garage to campus, self-financed to IPO
You have the passion, we have the process
Together we accelerate your growth trajectory

With you the whole way


We use a proven framework to forming,

establishing and growing a startup into a company from

IDEA          LAUNCH          EXIT

Strategic Planning

Business Models & Monetization

Market & Competitive Analysis

Product Strategy & Road Mapping

Go 2 Market Strategy

Client Acquisition Planning

Budget / Forecasts

Operational Structure


Minimal Viable Product

Product Manager Proxy

Product & System Architecture

Ideation, Prototyping & Designing

Logic Flows & User Stories

MVP Developpment Support

IP & Patents Strategy & Support


Pitch Deck & Presentation Stress Tests

Investor Deck

Grants & Loans Research

Financial Road Shows

Crowdfunding Support

Initial Coin Offering Support (ICO)


Business Development Support

Funnel Optimization

Sales Material

Sales Team Structure

KPI Baseline


KPI Management & Best Practice

Product Management

Product Market Fit

Board of Director Structure

Investor Relations

Expansion & Growth

Capacity & Scalability Planning

Business Development Support

Market Validation

Business Problem Solving

Additional Funding Preparation

Exit Plan


Bride Prepping

M&A Scenario Modeling

Due Diligence

IPO Prospectus

Your Own Digital Research Team

A monthly roundup of our favourite articles & research in

Digital, AI, Blockchain, E-Commerce, MarketPlaces, AR|VR and Innovation

from our top peeps @TG

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